The Top Fishing Spots in Maryland: A Comprehensive Guide

Maryland, known for its diverse landscapes and abundant waterways, offers a wealth of fishing opportunities for anglers of all levels of experience. With the Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, numerous rivers, and countless freshwater lakes, Maryland has something to satisfy every angler’s cravings. In this extensive guide, we’ll explore the top ten fishing spots in Maryland, each offering a unique and exciting fishing experience.

The Fishing Scene in Maryland

Before we dive into the best fishing spots in Maryland, let’s take a moment to understand the unique fishing scene in the state.

Types of Fish

Maryland’s waters are teeming with a variety of fish species. Common catches include:

  • Striped Bass (Rockfish): The Chesapeake Bay is famous for its striped bass, attracting anglers from far and wide.
  • Bluefish: These voracious predators are abundant along the Atlantic coast and offer a thrilling challenge.
  • Crab: Maryland is renowned for its delicious blue crabs, and crabbing is a cherished local tradition.
  • Trout: Several rivers and streams are stocked with trout, providing fantastic opportunities for freshwater anglers.
  • Catfish: Both channel catfish and blue catfish are common in Maryland’s rivers and lakes.
  • Perch: White perch and yellow perch can be found in abundance, especially in the Chesapeake Bay.

Fishing Seasons

Fishing in Maryland is a year-round activity, but specific seasons are better suited for certain species. For instance:

  • Spring: Spring is an excellent time for fishing as many fish species become more active. It’s a great time for striped bass and trout fishing.
  • Summer: Summer is ideal for targeting a variety of species, including bluefish, flounder, and spot.
  • Fall: Fall offers some of the best fishing for striped bass as they begin their migration.
  • Winter: Winter is an excellent time for freshwater anglers targeting trout and catfish, as well as ice fishing enthusiasts.

The Top Ten Fishing Spots in Maryland

Now, let’s explore the best fishing spots in Maryland, each with its unique charm and abundant fish populations.

1. Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay a man caught a big fish in hand
  • Location: Eastern Shore, Western Shore

The Chesapeake Bay is a world-renowned fishing destination, known for its abundant striped bass, bluefish, and various other species. The bay offers both freshwater and saltwater opportunities.

2. Ocean City

  • Location: Atlantic Ocean

Ocean City is a paradise for saltwater anglers. The Atlantic Ocean provides excellent fishing for species like flounder, bluefish, and sea bass. Head to the Ocean City Inlet for the best action.

3. Deep Creek Lake

A man found a big fish in Deep Creek Lake a fishing Spots in Maryland
  • Location: Garrett County

Deep Creek Lake is Maryland’s largest freshwater lake and offers excellent fishing opportunities for bass, walleye, and trout. The lake’s serene beauty and abundant fish make it an ideal spot for freshwater anglers.

4. Potomac River

Man found a big mouth fish in Potomac River
  • Location: Southern Maryland, Western Maryland

The Potomac River boasts a diverse range of fish species, including bass, catfish, and perch. The river is a favorite spot for both boat and shore anglers.

5. Susquehanna River

Susquehanna River fishing type
  • Location: Harford County, Cecil County

The Susquehanna River is a prime location for smallmouth bass fishing. The river’s clean waters make it an excellent destination for both wading and boating anglers.

6. Patuxent River

  • Location: Southern Maryland

The Patuxent River is known for its rich crabbing tradition. Anglers can also catch a variety of fish, including perch and catfish.

7. Assateague Island

  • Location: Atlantic Ocean

Assateague Island, known for its wild horses, also offers fantastic surf fishing. Anglers can cast their lines into the Atlantic surf and target species like striped bass, flounder, and bluefish.

8. Savage River

  • Location: Garrett County

Savage River is a famous trout fishing location. Anglers can enjoy fly-fishing in this serene and picturesque setting.

9. Liberty Reservoir

  • Location: Baltimore County, Carroll County

Liberty Reservoir is a favorite spot for bass anglers. The reservoir also offers excellent opportunities for crappie and catfish fishing.

10. Tuckahoe State Park

  • Location: Queen Anne’s County

Tuckahoe State Park is known for its picturesque lake and abundant perch and bass populations. It’s a fantastic spot for family fishing outings.

Fishing Tips and Considerations

As you plan your fishing trips to these remarkable spots, here are some essential tips and considerations to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience:

  • Fishing License: Always obtain a valid Maryland fishing license before you cast your line. It’s a legal requirement for all anglers.
  • Check Regulations: Familiarize yourself with local fishing regulations, including catch limits, size restrictions, and special rules for each fishing spot.
  • Respect the Environment: Practice catch-and-release to preserve fish populations and maintain the health of local ecosystems.
  • Safety First: Ensure you have the necessary safety equipment, such as life jackets, especially if you’re going out on the water.
  • Pack Accordingly: Be prepared with the right fishing gear, bait, and tackle for the species you’re targeting.
  • Weather Awareness: Keep an eye on the weather and be prepared for changing conditions, especially when fishing near large bodies of water.


Maryland is a haven for anglers, offering a diverse range of fishing opportunities, from the bountiful waters of the Chesapeake Bay to the pristine lakes and rivers of the state. Whether you prefer saltwater or freshwater, Maryland has it all.

With its wealth of fishing spots and diverse species, Maryland is a fantastic destination for anglers of all kinds. So, pack your fishing gear, secure your fishing license, and head to one of these top ten fishing spots to experience the joy of fishing in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic region. Happy fishing!

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