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Bass Fishing is not only a name or brand, it’s a Hobby!

Helping to Conserve our Aquatic Resources

It is our responsibility to take an active role and help preserve the resources we are so passionate about for future generations. The conservation of freshwater resources depends greatly on the action to spread awareness on the subject. Taking action while on the water will also help preserve our freshwater resources.

As freshwater anglers we play a crucial part to the efforts of creating awareness and leading by example to preserve our freshwater fisheries. There are many ways we can contribute, below you can find some low impact ways to help keep your local freshwater fisheries clean and ensure a healthy population of bass. 

Ways to Help Preserve Your Local Freshwater Fisheries

awarnes a child fihing


Educating ourselves and others about important issues that impact our freshwater resources. Sharing your knowledge to spread awareness and inspire others to take action. Ensuring the health of our aquatic resources is achievable with everyone’s help.

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Leave Nothing Behind

Take everything you brought onto the lake with you when you leave. Plastics can litter and pose threats to our natural resources, ensuring you do not lose any trash or picking up unnatural debris makes a huge difference. Inspect and repair any fluid leaks on your boat.

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Fish Care

Ensure you are abiding by local fishing regulations. Ensure the live well system is functioning correctly to regulate the temperature, waste levels, and oxygen. B.A.S.S. does an outstanding job providing resources for conservation, here is a guide for tournament anglers.

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