Exploring the Best Fishing Spots in World of Warcraft (BfA)

World of Warcraft, the iconic MMORPG, offers a diverse gaming experience, and for many players, fishing is more than just a secondary profession—it’s a passion. Whether you’re a seasoned angler in Azeroth or just starting your fishing journey, this comprehensive guide will lead you to the best fishing spots in Battle for Azeroth (BfA). From secret fishing locations to the catch rates of specific fish, we’ve got all the information you need to become a master angler.

The World of Warcraft Fishing Experience

Fishing in World of Warcraft is a unique and rewarding endeavor. It’s not just about catching fish; it’s also about exploring different zones, completing world quests, and discovering secret fishing pools. Here are some key aspects of the WoW fishing experience:

1. Fishing as a Secondary Profession

In World of Warcraft, fishing is classified as a secondary profession, which means that players can learn it in addition to their primary professions. This makes it an accessible skill for characters of all levels and classes.

2. Leveling Up Your Fishing Skill

Just like any other profession in WoW, fishing has a skill level. As you fish, your skill will increase. A higher fishing skill allows you to catch fish in different zones and access better fishing spots.

3. Fishing Trainers and Equipment

You can learn the basics of fishing from a fishing trainer in a major city. Additionally, you can equip your character with fishing poles and lures to enhance your fishing abilities.

4. Fishing Pools and Prismatic Leapers

Fishing pools are special areas where you can catch specific fish. In BfA, the Prismatic Leapers are unique fish that can be found in different zones.

Finding the Best Fishing Spots in BfA

Now, let’s dive into the world of Battle for Azeroth and explore some of the best fishing spots that are loved by players. These locations offer various fish, valuable items, and even aquatic mounts.

1. Kul Tiran Fishing

  • Kul Tiras: The Kul Tiran zones, like Drustvar, Tiragarde Sound, and Stormsong Valley, offer excellent fishing opportunities. You can find various fish, including the Great Sea Ray.
  • Prismatic Leapers: In Kul Tiras, you can encounter Prismatic Leapers. These colorful fish are sought after by anglers for their vibrant appearance.

2. Zandalari Fishing

  • Zandalar: Zandalar, the counterpart to Kul Tiras, offers its unique fishing experience. Explore the zones like Nazmir, Vol’dun, and Zuldazar for exciting fishing spots.
  • Secret Fish: Zandalar also hides secret fish that can be a delightful discovery for avid anglers.

3. Northern Pike in Battle Creek

  • Battle Creek (Tiragarde Sound): Battle Creek is a renowned fishing spot in Tiragarde Sound. Here, you can catch Northern Pike, a valuable and delicious fish.
  • Largemouth Bass: Battle Creek is also known for its Largemouth Bass, making it a favorite spot for anglers.

4. Shiny Baubles in Different Zones

  • Shiny Baubles: These are valuable items that enhance your fishing experience. They can be found in various zones and are highly sought after by players.
  • Magma Threshers: Seek out the Magma Threshers that can be found in various zones. These fiery fish are a unique catch for skilled anglers.

5. Frosted Rimefin Tuna in Specific Zones

  • Frosted Rimefin Tuna: These frosty fish can be found in specific zones like Drustvar, making them a cool addition to your fishing collection.
  • Winter Squid: Winter Squid is another exciting catch in specific zones, adding to the diversity of your fish collection.

Advanced Fishing Techniques and Tips

Becoming a top-tier angler in World of Warcraft takes more than just knowing the best spots. It involves mastering various fishing techniques and understanding the specific fish you’re targeting. Here are some advanced tips:

1. Maximize Your Catch Rate

To increase your catch rate, consider using Aquadynamic Fish Attractors. These lures can significantly improve your chances of success when fishing.

2. Line Twists and Avoiding Tangles

Fishing can be frustrating if you encounter line twists and tangles. To prevent this, make sure to follow the correct casting and reeling techniques.

3. Fishing Poles and Lures

Invest in the best fishing poles and lures to enhance your fishing skills. These items can provide significant boosts to your fishing abilities.

4. Public Access and Local Fishing Regulations

Always be aware of local fishing regulations in Azeroth. Certain areas may have restrictions or special rules for fishing.

5. Specific Fish for Aquatic Mounts

Some fish, like the Great Sea Ray, can be used as a currency to obtain aquatic mounts. Catching these fish can lead to exciting rewards.

Recent Additions and Upcoming Content

World of Warcraft is continually evolving, and fishing is no exception. Blizzard Entertainment often introduces new content, including fish, fishing spots, and events for avid anglers. Keep an eye out for new additions and upcoming fishing events in the game.

WoW Classic and Fishing

If you’re a fan of the original World of Warcraft experience, you’ll be pleased to know that fishing plays a significant role in WoW Classic as well. The game retains its core fishing mechanics, offering players a nostalgic journey back to the early days of Azeroth.


Fishing in World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth expansion offers a rich and rewarding experience for players who enjoy the serene art of angling. With a variety of fish, secret spots, and aquatic mounts to discover, fishing in Azeroth is more than just a secondary profession—it’s a cherished hobby for many.

So, whether you’re exploring the azure span of Kul Tiras, venturing to the Dragon Isles, or fishing in the rich waters of the Great Sea, the best fishing spots in BfA await your line. Equip your character with the best fishing poles, lures, and knowledge, and embark on a fishing adventure like no other.

As you master the fishing skill, remember that the best places to fish aren’t just about the catch but also the camaraderie, exploration, and sense of wonder that World of Warcraft has to offer. Happy fishing, and may your lines always be tight and your catches plentiful.

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